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Clearly shot time is a huge part of what generates the skillgap in 2K


Increase the average rep you get per sport of  NBA 2K MT park and rec center, nothing crazy higher but a little increase I believe is necessary for almost any casual consumer to acquire past superstar 1. Additionally, I have heard pro am urge has been reduced that is terrible to hear. Pro am should have greater rep levels than park and rec to draw away rep grinders (like myself). I 100% rather playing pro am for its competitiveness, quick games and rep; I love playing it if a group of 3 are online so that I expect that the nerf wasn't heavy handed or could be reverted soon.

Have another discussion; Each time there's a patch, to mechanics feel like they change. Green Machine, how successful is it? Supposedly patch 1.05 did not alter shooting percentage(although I have screenshots of matches with significant increase in shooting percentages throughout the board in online REC) but it did affect green window or the visual of a green. So is the badge still powerful if most shots are now whites? Intimidator, pre post and patch spots this badge apparently outplays many finishing badges. Piggybacking off my machine discussion, just how goofy does it seem that Finishers miss large percent layups because of a badge, but shields 30 feet in the basket can drain absurd what ought to be low percentage shots.

Clearly shot time is a huge part of what generates the skillgap in 2K however there surely should be a penalty for using actual shot percent. If I'm using a Player with an 99 mid range shot, and I am wide open, using real player percentage I would expect to Buy 2K MT make it 6 or 7 days out of 10.

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