But the exact same pure 2007 gamers

But the exact same pure 2007 gamers


But the exact same pure 2007 gamers (Whom enable more and more overpowered items in RuneScape and PVM paradoxically ) are so against any new RuneScape skill that they spite vote each additional that doesn't add to their specific playstyle. Now RuneScape is dying because they don't wish to be ass'd to RuneScape gold grind another RuneScape ability regardless of what it might add to RuneScape, but sure that new 100 percent xp increase to a RuneScape ability content is nice along with the new weapons that 1 shot any pvm is good.

I was doing this and wished to get into RS3 more lately, even bought a year's membership. The new RuneScape skill looks cool. One day prohibited and my account apparently gets hacked. Everything worth shooting on my account. It's so discouraging to login and watch everything I worked for those years, although I guess I'm lucky I even got my almost 15 year old accounts. What makes it worse is that Jagex did not notify me of any of the ban, the name change, a new login, or the. my authenticator got eliminated. Man it does not feel worth it although I understand I could work to get everything back.Remember when RuneScape used to look like this?

Also, EoC existed as part of RS2 until RS3 came out. OSRS started as a resurrection of 07Scape, but has since become vastly different from 07Scape following years of adding fresh content and patches. Thus, saying that OSRS is the same even or as RS2 07Scape is vastly misleading. There. Simply speaking, 07Scape was RuneScape in 2007 and OSRS may have started as a resurrection of 07Scape but has turned into a different version of RuneScape.

I get the point you are trying to cheap RS gold create but... osrs is'a very different match' to rs2 in 2007-2010? They are games with teir lists end game and QoL that is all, but they are fundamentally the same base game. A helm over a dragon med helm, or doing the NMZ rather than crabs, or RuneScape skilling on zeah over mainland doesn't make it a fundamentally different game. They are essentially'expansion' content. It's possible to assert their impact on RuneScape is something which you do not like, but it's not another game. You are arguing over semantics and rhetoric, that you feel as though people don't understand your argument. Not a single individual is denying osrs = RS2, the point is that they have a similar spirit and purpose of game style.

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