2020 Blizzard plans to introduce new mounts in World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft heroes, playing in the Trial of Valor as a Paladin, will be earning money for their efforts in the next beta weekend. This weekend the beta server and the actual game itself will be undergoing a complete, non-design bug fix-to-v1.

World of Warcraft players have an opportunity to explore Lordaeron in the expansion's opening hours. Players begin at the Tirisfal Glades and must battle to the north, battling Alliance and Horde alike as they try to uncover the mystery surrounding the Dark Portal in the northern skies. With the gate sealed, the only way for people to enter is by participating in a vision quest that'll help the player to unravel the history of their world's recent conflicts.

There's also a new Argent Tournament, a lot of Battlegrounds, the ability to raise and summon Legendary pets and mounts, a new class, the Death Knight, mounts, new profession, Blood, gems, and a lot more. You can learn a lot more about it over on Blizzard's.

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WoW players around the world have been hosting tournaments and organized tournaments, winnings and prizes to be shared between two teams. Today we'd like to introduce to you the Season 2 Finals of the HGC Grand Finals series. Last night Blizzard held their Summer Championship in Los Angeles, and after a series of grand finals that raged through two days of games, VODs and interview footage, we came out victorious as we defeated the Evil Geniuses to take home the $100,000 prize money.