This status is ignored and causes confusion

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The team is reacting to the most recent criticism of wow gold from the fans and especially wants to suppress the"dishonorable" behaviour of a few gamers. Adjustments are also intended for the PvP battle queues.

These complained, among other things, regarding the"dishonorable" behavior of several players, particularly at Alterac Valley, who had been constantly lying in await members of the opposing faction in their cemetery. Additionally, the queue limitations aren't particularly common. Blizzard Entertainment has responded to this.

Since the community supervisor"Kaivax" announced in the official discussion, several hotfixes and modifications are intended for Alterac Valley in the not too distant future. There are no special dates for this, but at least more details concerning the alterations in World of Warcraft Classic (currently purchase for $14.99) are understood. Here's the overview: We are currently working on a hotfix, that is published shortly, so that honorless targets can be looted. We wish to make it attractive to ambush the opposing faction.

With planned care work that is weekly. Some concurrent alterations will have a beneficial effect on the condition of each alterac Valley instance:Groups of up to 5 players may now join the Alterac Valley. When a group joins together, they come to the same battlefield. The Battle Join screen no longer shows a number from the title of the battlefield.We're adjusting a setting which enabled the battlefield to begin with only 20 players on a team.

Shortly after the weekly reset of classic wow gold sale and honour. In WoW Classic (like back then in the original WoW), players with over 15 kills do not progress and are grouped with all other players under 15 kills. This status is ignored and causes confusion. It is no longer displayed. Last but not least, we will upgrade the decreasing honor reward for repeated kills to signify patch 1.12 of their WoW. After introducing the honor system in WoW Classic, we made the choice to decrease honor by 25 percent per kill. This made sense because planet PvP was the only way to get honor. PvP now takes place on battlefields, where you experience the opponents. 10 percent per kill now reduce honor.