Madden 21's closed beta test shows some changes of the game

A couple of times I got handled right at the first down arch and my player stretched out their arm to give me the first down. I was satisfied with this and I'm happy this degree of genuineness is in the game.


In the past few months, we have learned more and more details about Madden 21, such as the release date of Madden 21 and the cover players of the game. Last weekend, Madden 21 game developer EA Sports also held a closed beta. This test invited several senior members of the Madden community, as well as some players who showed a high level in the Madden 20 game. As one of the top 10,000 players in Madden 20, I also got the opportunity to participate in this closed test. If you are curious about the changes that the new game will produce, then you can continue reading this article, I will introduce my game experience.

The game process makes players feel slow
When the player-controlled team enters the defensive phase, you can clearly feel that the player's movement speed looks very slow. Although it is not yet known whether the official version of the game will make changes to Buy MUT 21 Coins this problem, but this fact is indeed irresistible. Even those who have never played the Madden series can feel this. The players are being dragged by an invisible rope during the movement so that they cannot run at the highest speed.
Other users in the Madden community who participated in this closed beta have reported this problem, that is, the player's speed has become very slow. The result of this problem is that it is difficult for players to arrange the position of players when defending, so that they can completely cover all areas. And defense is very important in the Madden series.

Be that as it may, the points are smoother
In all out attack mode side, the edges feel smoother - when you have the ball on a run, you have more choices available to you to sidestep, juke and deke, and it feels smooth, additionally energizing and simpler to execute, practically all with the Right Analog stick. A few players will have explicit livelinesss just for them, particularly in the event that they execute certain moves in a genuine NFL game.

Area based handles are invited
A couple of times I got handled right at the first down arch and my player stretched out their arm to give me the first down. I was satisfied with this and I'm happy this degree of genuineness is in the game. I didn't encounter it for a score, however keeping the ball in zone when being handled out of it at long last zone will likewise occur. Little subtleties like this are unquestionably something that was long late. I additionally feel this may fit some funny glitches that will no uncertainty be posted on Twitter.

EA Sports should improve on the problems revealed in Madden 21's closed test, otherwise it is likely to disappoint most of the loyal fans of the Madden series. At present, this game has great potential, because a lot of content in the game can become more player friendly. At present, the most important work of the developers is to make the player's movement speed have a more realistic performance, and at the same time they should further strengthen the coverage area of ​​each defender.
For most of the users who participated in the Madden 21 closed test, this game feels like the slowed Madden 20, especially in terms of defense. Based on the content currently displayed by EA Sports, it is difficult to say whether Madden 21 will succeed, because this game needs more improvements before it is officially released. Let us look forward to Madden 21 that will be officially released in late August. If you plan to buy Madden 21, then I suggest you to visit the official website of MMOSPT and bookmark it. MMOSPT sells sports game currency at the cheapest price, including Madden series and NBA 2K series. In Madden 21, Madden Coins still has a very important meaning for players. After you buy a lot of cheap Madden 21 Coins at MMOSPT, you can open a card package or buy the players you need directly at the auction house.

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